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2021 Fall Registration is now close!

Please come back in December to register for Spring season.


If your player has been exposed to an infected person or has tested positive for COVID-19, we ask that you please report this directly to WFC as soon as possible. If your player is currently quarantining due to exposure or confirmed diagnosis and will miss the start of WFC team training, please let your coach know. We assure you that your privacy will be protected.

Is your player new to soccer?

Here is an indoor training video kids can do at home.

Click here to register for one of our programs.

Fall registration is coming!


We are a soccer club serving Cordova and surrounding areas. Our main focus is to provide full soccer training programs for all players in an effort to prepare them for competition at any and every level. Warriors FC was designed with the individual player in mind and we seek to help every individual player reach their personalized goals through development in the sport of soccer.

Why form Warriors FC now?

For many years the one of the founders of the Warriors FC program searched for Soccer program that would help to develop the soccer skills  of his 3 year old son that was already showing potential for the sport.  This search lead to programs that convened at least 20 minutes away from his family home in Cordova, TN. He began to wonder why he couldn't find a league right here in his own neighborhood? 

In 2020, Randy Butler and Stanly Rivas decided to come together to found the Warriors FC program based right here in Cordova, TN.

Memphis's Best Soccer Training and Practice Lessons


If you are looking for soccer training lessons and practice in Memphis for your kids, probably you don’t need to search anymore. At Warriors FC, we provide personalized soccer training lessons in group and individual football training for kids. What are the requirements for soccer training? Why do your kids need to know the best way to practice soccer in a competitive environment? There are different techniques of soccer training skill sets required to boost a player's performance on the field and which is completely depends on the soccer coach. If you are looking for an experienced soccer trainer, we assure you the best in Memphis. To begin with us, you need to register for current soccer training lessons and know how we are different from soccer trainers out there in Memphis.

Private Soccer Training and Soccer Lessons in Memphis


Why a private soccer training or coaching lessons required? How it helps a player? What you will get more if you opt for private soccer training rather than group lessons?

Private soccer training is way far better than group practice in many ways for finetuning and developing soccer skills within a player. One-to-one practice lessons are more focused on a single player – to identify the overall core strengths and weaknesses of your kid. What you can expect if you are choosing private soccer coaching from Warriors FC.

  1. Personalized feedback: If your kid or player keeps practice in a team, then a soccer trainer may not able to focus on your kid exactly during the team training. Because there may be one or two coaches for dozens of players in the ground. A soccer trainer won’t able to focus on one player’s performance efficiently. It doesn’t matter how good or experienced the coach is. So in a private soccer lesson, there won’t be such issues and your kid’s performance and weaknesses can be identified easily by the soccer trainer, and that one private lesson can be a game-changer for your kid.  
  2. Observation on skills and key areas: In a private soccer lesson, it would be a close observation of the skill sets of a player by the coach. If there would be good skills then it can be developed to an excellent level and if there is something which should not be advisable that can be identified at the early stage and can be avoided, to make a player outstanding.
  3. Position-Specific Training: Every player is different and performs best only if we could nurture them at their desired position with required soccer skills. In an individual training session, a coach can guide a player’s primary position which provides a great opportunity to develop position-specific soccer skills.

There are many reasons for private soccer coaching lessons and it could be the best move for your kid for overall development. Let’s meet soon!

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Warriors FC

Phone: 9012452600

Private Trainings

Warriors FC coaches provide private training. Sessions are 1.5hr for $75.  Please contact us for more details. 

Gender: Both
Age: All ages
GK: No

Become a Sponsor

We are looking for organizations to sponsor our club. If you are interested, please let us know.